David ''dd'' adams


David Adams started hes journey in jiujitsu in 2009 . After being a long time fan of MMA and Tito Ortiz he started hes journey in martial arts at ground control jiujitsu where he became the only person to ever be promoted to the rank of blue belt under  David  "elefante" smith. David from there continued hes journey through bjj all the way to brown belt. from there he chose to spread hes wings and start teaching the craft and departing from ground control. Now with team Noel Smith bjj behind him David Adams began teaching in under privileged areas of Baltimore who normally would not be exposed to jiujitsu. Now in 2019 David continues to teach at multiple locations and still enjoys a healthy competition life.   


10x submission only champion 

2nd place submission only worlds 

1x north American grappling association champion ( won in black belt division)

1x newbreed  cruiserweight champion 

1x newbreed absolute champion 

2x professional grappling league  superfight chamipon 

2x world championship grappling superfight champion 

fight to win pro super fight champion 

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